President’s Address

President's Address


It has been an honor and privilege serving CAPI for the past few years, initially as member at large, then as secretary, and then president elect. Now, I have stepped into the shoes of successful past CAPI presidents. I pray that god bless me with the leadership skills, fairness, and excellence that my CAPI predecessors led this organization with.

In addition to building on the projects that the CAPI EC team has already been working on, the next two years my team and I will be focusing on a few other aspects.

The Strategy of CAPI is to strengthen its core and build relationships.

Key performance indicators:

  1. Membership drive: CAPI would focus on bringing in physicians of different specialties, varied geographic locations within state, and with diverse interests.
  2. Representation of CAPI at state and national organizations: CSMS, HCMA, AAPI. Every effort would be made to build and enhance these relationships so that we can strengthen CAPI’s presence and continue to grow and succeed.
  3. Start young: Encourage high school students, residents, and fellows to get involved and demonstrate the support we provide for each other to succeed.
  4. Educational goals: Increasing the knowledge base of our clinical practice skills is crucial. However, with the rapidly evolving health care field, it is of monumental importance that we educate ourselves and the younger generation about the business and legislative aspects of health care as well.
  5. Community service: Raise the level of participation in health fairs and conduct activities such as bone marrow drives. The low level of Asian Indians in the bone marrow registry of donors is an issue that I would like to focus on in my two year term.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart:

My late parents Dr. Gorusu Gurumurthy Reddy and Dr. Kamala Reddy.
My pillar of strength, my husband Mr. Kumar Palreddy.
My children who inspire me and never let me give up, Siri and Vishnu.
The CAPI leaders who have inspired me throughout this journey: Dr. Subba Rao, Dr. Surreddi,Dr. Rammurthy Chirunomula, Dr. Sekhar Chirunomula, Dr. Rajesh Parekh, and Dr. Vibha Shah.

Thank you

Madhavi Gorusu.

Dr. Madhavi Gorusu, M.D.
Hematologist and Oncologist.
President of Connecticut Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (CAPI)

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